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What is the ÖH Freshie Program?

As a first-year student, you can often feel a little lost at the beginning of your studies. Therefore, we want to create a student network with the ÖH Freshie Program, which will help the freshies to cope well with the start of their studies and to get to know other students and freshies from different study programs. Therefore, students (Freshie-Guides) from higher semesters support a group of new students of the same course of studies, are available for questions concerning their studies and give an insight into life at the FH Salzburg.

Why get involved?

You would like to get socially involved, meet new people, have fun and improve your social skills? The ÖH Freshie Program offers the ideal opportunity to get to know other students and freshies from different study programmes and to network with each other. In the first year of your studies, you will supervise a group of max. 5 freshies from your course of studies and can thus pass on your previous FH experiences. You can expand your contacts at all locations of the FH Salzburg, gain practical consulting experience and at the same time help the freshies to settle in at the FH Salzburg.

 At the end you will receive a ÖH Freshie Program certificate, which confirms your social commitment and is a great plus for master and job applications or performance scholarships. You will receive the certificate if you take part in at least one activity of the ÖH Freshie Program.

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By participating in the ÖH Freshie Program you have the perfect opportunity to get to know other students during our activities. We are planning campus barbecues, campus/city rallies, pub crawls etc. to get us in the mood for a new successful academic year!

How can I sign up?

The registration period for guides ends on the 31.07.2021

The registration period has already expired